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Dear Friend,

I’m back! It’s been almost a full two years since I last wrote, and when I started thinking about picking my blogging habit back up I worried that I might have to just start over from scratch. So I put it off. After all, what’s a month or two after two years of radio silence? Right? But last week my aunt happened to mention blogging and me in the same sentence and I realized that procrastinating wasn’t going to do me any good. So here I am, back once more.

I’m two years older (and wiser?), but there is SO MUCH I haven’t written about. These past two years have been full of growth, laughter, frustration, dating, celebration, exhaustion, friendship, joy, loss, excitement, boredom, family, and discernment. There is no way I would be able to fully catch you up on all that has happened (and I’m not going to try), but you will likely see differences between the me of today and the me reflected in posts from two+ years ago.

I’m also aware that having SOME context will be helpful as I return to the ‘blogosphere’ or whatever it is you’d call it. So here’s a quick update about what’s up in my life:

  • I’m currently still living in Washington, DC and working at L’Arche GWDC.
  • My life at L’Arche has been hard, but overwhelmingly rewarding.
  • In December, I decided to go to Grad school to study Special Education.
  • I applied/was accepted into Regis University’s Master’s of Special Ed program.
  • I will be leaving DC and L’Arche to move to Denver, CO at the end of June.
  • Classes at Regis begin near the end of August.

And that’s just the most important of currently relevant updates. See, I told you the last two years have been full. Not that you didn’t trust the fact, but it’s nice to have some type of proof.

It’s good to be back, and I’m glad to have you along for the journey!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo