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     When someone is trying to identify you, how do they do it?
For me, I was often Jolee the Runner.
     What you do can easily transform into who you are, but I have learned that this is dangerous. Finding your identity in what you do is detrimental, because life is lived measured by performance. And what happens when you can’t do what you do anymore? You lose yourself.
     The only solution to avoiding such pain is allow yourself to be defined by something greater than yourself. If we depend so fully on ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for brokenness. By nature we are prone to dissatisfaction and disappointment when we live so full of ourselves and our own abilities. I experienced the tragedy of this realization (but later praise) after my ability to run began to deteriorate my senior year of high school.
     Not until college did I realize what a huge idol running was in my life. It dictated my schedule, emotions, attitudes, highs and lows. So when what you do becomes who you are, and you can’t do what you do anymore, who are you?
     I have always sought the Lord, but it wasn’t until this reevaluation that I realized where my identity was found. I was trying to find my identity in running AND as a follower of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t equate the two. I needed a shift of mind body and soul.
     I praise God for the singular identity that I have found in Christ that allows me to do as I please under obedience to his will. When you find your identity in something that is constant, there is a peace to be had. As a follower of Jesus Christ, there is joy in being able to find my identity outside of my own performance because I know there will always be failure.
     Why not accept your identity in continuous victory?
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