Dear Friend,

I think it’s high time I start writing again. I’ve returned from my grand adventure, and am starting to readjust to life in the U.S. One of my favorite parts about being back, of course, is NEW MUSIC!!! I made a playlist for my trip, and listened to nothing else for the last 4 months, so to be back and discovering/rediscovering new (and not-so-new) music is refreshing to say the least… So below are a few bits and pieces from what I’ve been listening to this week. Some of it is new stuff I’ve heard on the radio and got stuck in my head, a few recommendations from friends, one or two I randomly ran across on YouTube, and some old favorites that I’ve been reminded of one way or another. None of it, however, was on my Middle East playlist…

Hope You Enjoy!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. Music suggestions are welcome at all times…


The Rescues – My Heart With You


Christina Perri – Human


Queen – Somebody To Love


MKTO – Classic


Katie Herzig – Lost and Found


Battleships – Take Your Rest


Voces8 – What A Difference A Day Makes

No video for this one, sorry…


Emma Louise – Pontoon


Birdy – All You Never Say