Dear Friend,
I made it! This journey has only just begun, but already I have more to tell than it make sense to write here. The only reason I have wifi right now is that we’re sitting the airport waiting for our flight from here in Cairo up to Luxor. We spent our first full day here in Egypt touring the pyramids, seeing the sphinx, and visiting a place to learn about how they make papyrus. We finished the day by heading to Anafora, a Coptic Christian retreat center, located halfway between Cairo and Alexandria. We stayed there for three nights and two days. I loved it. We spent our time talking about the stories of Joseph and Moses in Egypt, learning about the Coptic tradition, learning about icon painting in the church that is currently being painted at Anafora, and most importantly relaxing on the roofs. Since then we’ve switched to staying in Cairo and spent time here in the museum and in various religious gathering places around the city.

Lots of love, Mandi Jo