Dear Friend,

Have you ever been asked for your favorite book, song, artist, etc. and had your mind go completely blank? I think we’ve all been there at some point, it just so happens that last week someone asked me who some of my favorite music artists are and I completely blanked… ok maybe not COMPLETELY… but my mind was unable to offer up the best of it’s musical knowledge so I present you with my top ten songs/artists of the week (I limit the time because, let’s be honest this is constantly changing) and a few other groups:

1. Paper Route – Are We All Forgotten

Paper Route is Awesome. They are one of my greatest finds from Noisetrade (if you haven’t yet, check out Noisetrade) and I particularly enjoy the album this song is on “Absence.” And I just love his voice…

2. OneRepublic – Counting Stars

This has been stuck in my head ever since it played on my way to work every single day I worked last week. Seriously, I would be headed to work and all of the sudden there it would be again… so now it’s stuck in my head. Nevermind that I just love OneRepublic in general.

3. Battleships – As You’d Begun

I randomly discovered Battleships while music hopping on YouTube last semester and immediately fell in love. Their song Your Words is the one that first caught my attention but this more recent video stands out more for this list.

4. Jesse Ruben – I Should Get Out More

I didn’t post a video of this one, although YouTube has several, because they are all live performances and I didn’t want to randomly choose one and have it have horrible sound quality, or anything like that… but you are more than welcome to go listen on your own…

5. Paper Kites – Bloom

This song is relatively arbitrary but I love Paper Kites. Their music feels “clear” (as in not cluttered) and I love the way their  voices mix together. Another great song by them is Featherstone.

6. Avril Lavigne

Let’s be honest with the world here, I have had a mild celeb girl crush on Avril ever since I first heard sk8r boi on the radio in middle school. I have rocked out to every song on every cd on good days and bad days… she is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure (musically) and I have no idea why she has stuck with me throughout the years… but I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

7. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Let’s be honest with the world, this is one of those iconic song that just won’t go away. I realized how true this really is when I was spending the day with my younger brother Eli (8 at the time) and noticed he was walking around humming this song. Where and when he first heard it is unknown, but the music lives on into the next generation. The reason this song makes it onto this list, however, is because today I accidentally had it on repeat in the car (long, pointless story) and then replaying in my head all day… EPIC.

8. Andrew Belle – The Ladder

9. Jukebox the Ghost – Somebody

I had the chance to go see Jukebox the Ghost and The Lighthouse and the Whaler in Charlottesville… I should have gone. Another fun song by them is Schizophrenia…

10. Man Man – Head On (Hold On To Your Heart)

11. The Dirty Guv’nahs – Don’t Give Up On Me

This group reminds me of NEEDTOBREATHE, who I love, and they have an awesome name… which makes them even better. The only group I have seen (so far) with a better name is Toad the Wet Sprocket…

12. The Raconteurs – Level

(Note that this is # 12 on a list of 10…) Yet another great song by them is Steady As She Goes…

13. Adele

I just love singing along…

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. What are you listening to?