Dear Friend,

Well, It’s the second week of classes, and I can honestly say that I can already begin to feel the pressure of the semester hanging above my head. I’m just getting started, and luckily haven’t found myself wading too deep into the pool of assignments for the semester so far. I HAVE however realized that I will have almost no free time. It wouldn’t be too bad, except that on top of my 10-15 hours of work each week and six classes, I have to find time to fit in 2 hours of child observation, and 2 hours of volunteering. I feel like my schedule is becoming me running around town nonstop, hoping that in the few minutes I have to take a breather, I will find myself near the people I want to see. I also haven’t figured out this whole “eating” thing. I wish I could say that I have a set place, or person I eat with every day, but it’s more like I pack a lunch, and hope to figure it out before lunch time arrives. At the moment, for example, I am eating in Common Grounds… I’m not alone exactly, it’s just that the guy who randomly sat down at the couch across from me is a complete stranger and we haven’t said a word to each other… in fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him on campus before… that’s unusual in itself.

This morning, I was running late. I packed my lunch , was trying to grab everything I needed for the day (my goal is to start spending all day on campus) ran out the door, realized I hadn’t locked, so I opened it, locked the door, closed it behind me, and immediately that I had just locked my keys inside my apartment laying on the kitchen table. I immediately texted a friend in my first class saying that I would be running late, and then called/went over to my landlord’s office to get a spare key, unlocked my apartment and went to class. Not too bad right? A little stressful sure, but not too bad in the scheme of things. What I didn’t realize is that my classmates weren’t aware that I had recently had a small piece of asphalt removed from my forehead (left over from a Moped accident at the beginning of the summer), so when I showed up late for class with stitches in my forehead I unknowingly (at the time) had some members of the class worried that I had been in some terrible accident.

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo