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Dear Friend,

We have officially reached and are beginning to drown in what I like to call the “Freak Out Zone.” It’s the last week, the last DAYS before Spring break, and all of the professors are trying to squeeze in  everything they can before we take off. Who knows, maybe the do it so that the break feels like more of a break, but seriously people, are you trying to kill us?

To sum up my week let me just give you this list of things I have/had on my To-Do list this week:

  • 29 pages to write (this is a grand total from all of the papers I have to write, and 8 of those are single spaced, so lets readjust the number to a more accurate- 37)
  • 3 books to read
  • 5 Chapters (from text books) to be read
  • 3 phone calls of unknown length and to separate people, on separate topics
  • 8 Calculus problems
  • 5 email conversations to keep up with
  • 1 apartment to visit
  • 3 people to get in contact with
  • 5,000,000,000 things to think about!
  • 1 more day to get it all done… ROH!

To be honest, I don’t know how I’m awake right now, or why I’m spending my precious time writing this, but perhaps I just need to get it off my chest that I feel OVERWHELMED!!! and there really is no explanation for the sleep thing except to say that it’s pure adrenaline at this point. Speaking of which, I need to make sure I get a decent nights sleep tonight because tomorrow night, I’m headed to Joplin! I could seriously cut back on the workload this week if I didn’t have plans for spring break, because the main issue I’m struggling with is that fact that I have rough draft due the day after we get back from break, and I have no desire/plan/ability to work on it over break, so it must be completed before.

Speaking of Joplin, I am so excited to work with MDS in Joplin with a Y-Trip group from EMU. I’m excited to work hard, do what I can to be of service, to learn from the people we will be working with, and get to know some new EMUers! In fact, the main reason I decided to go on a Y-Trip this year was because I was starting to notice that I spend all of my time with the same 6-9 people, and I love them, but I want to know other people too! I also look forward to being able to work with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) as an actual participant. I remember when we, as a family, went to Reading, CA to work with MDS, but Lydia and I were too young to participate. As a youngster, i was more than happy to spend my days having fun in the sun, but now wish I could say that I actually DID something.

Anywhoo, I dont’ have any more moments to spare… not even as re-energizing study breaks. have a Great Break!

Love, Mandi Jo