Dear Valentine,

It’s time for my annual Valentine’s Day post, which means a reminder that I always love this holiday, until it arrives. This year, however, brought a few changes that made all the difference. For example, last night I made Valentines!!! That’s right, I made cards for some of my friends around campus, and then put them in campus mail today… Each one had a quote about love on one side, and a

heart and their name on the other:

IMG_2740 IMG_2731 IMG_2736 IMG_2744

I also bought fun dip valentine’s for some of the girls on my hall/in my suite/upstairs/one of my favorite classes… because fun dip is delicious and just fun all around. I also bought Lindt truffles for this cute old lady in front of me in line at the grocery store… You see I had checked my email right before leaving for the bank/store and get received an email from Michaels declaring it “Random Acts of Kindness Week”… so it was in my mind, and I saw this adorable, and quite talkative lady, buying 5 boxes of Special K cereal, and a bunch of frozen beef stromboli meals. What else could I have done?!?! She obviously needed some Valentine’s Day chocolate. Then, this evening Lydia came over for dinner before several of us girls got all dressed up and headed to Taste of Thai for post-dinner appetizers and dessert!

Anywhoo, hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo