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Dear Friend,

It’s amazing to me how different life can be from semester to semester…last semester was great, I actually saw people that I care about from over at JMU (Christophe, Gennie, Carissa) even if I would have loved to see them more often, People visited our suite on the weekends for Game nights (well at least for the first half), I was able to keep up with all of my homework, and still spend hours laughing along with my suite-mates as we watched Friends (you know the popular 90’s tv show, which is hilariously amazing…). I even was able to get away from our suite and go see my friends down in the woods when I was feeling stressed, or just to hang out. I had a rhythm to my weeks that allowed for both growth and learning, but also for laughter and friendship.

This semester, not so much. The main people I would visit down in the woods, Megan and Kelsey, are both on Cross-cultural (along with Victoria, and Christina…) I haven’t seen my JMU friends in several weeks, and I feel like my life is a constant rush between homework and work, and over to the gym. My busier schedule, and the fact that I have friends I can’t see, has me feeling worn out and alone… I know I’m not alone, but I miss my distant friends… The only thing keeping me sane is my Young Adult Lit class… I’ve never been more grateful for dropping a helpful class to pick up one that is for pure enjoyment.


Physically: Physically, I feel on top of things! My family has a member ship at the local wellness center and I’ve been there twice this week with Lydia and Mom. I’m also working with Jia and Malinda to get back to work out here at EMU in the mornings three days a week. My legs were a little sore yesterday walking up the stairs, but sore is good.

Emotionally: I’ve sort-of already covered this in my post so I’ll keep it short and just say- worn out.

Spiritually: I guess the best way to say this would be- middle of the road… I’m not on any great peak or valley, but just taking it day by day…


Anywhoo, here’s to hoping I find a healthy rhythm this semester…

Love, Mandi Jo