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Dear Friend,

Merry Christmas!!! I hope today has been wonderful, full of laughter, time with family, and delicious food. As for me? I may not be at home with my own parents, and siblings… but I’ve enjoyed a beautiful Christmas here with Morgan’s Family. As you may remember from last year, my favorite holiday of the year is quickly coming… that’s right, New Year’s Eve! It may not have the beautiful connection to my beliefs, or the month of pre-celebration, celebration that Christmas has, but I love how every year it feels like a fresh start. This year, I get the opportunity to visit Lenore to watch the pickle drop… I don’t know why people have decided that dropping pickles is a good way to celebrate the new year and new beginnings, but hey, I’ll check it out and let you know what I think.

Also, you may have noticed that throughout the past few months, I’ve changed the look and feel of this blog several times. This is not to confuse you, I promise… but rather a reflection of the way in which I’ve been processing lately. Let’s be honest, I like switching things up, making things feel fresh and new again, but I’ve also been looking for a look that reflects the content and intent of my posts. The fish you see floating around you may be awesome, but they just don’t reflect the content very well… and the balloons felt more fitting, but would get in the way of the words, making it difficult to read and therefore defeating the purpose. However, despite these faulty choices, I believe I may have found a “theme” that will fit us well and, in the honor of new beginnings, I will be switching to it on New Year’s Eve… Or at least that’s the plan, I might get antsy and decide that I can’t wait any longer, anywhoo… I’m not quite sure where everything will be quite yet, but when it arrives I would be more than happy to help you find things that appear lost (because I will be able to tell where I put them, I promise)

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo