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Dear Friend,

I had been waiting impatiently for thanksgiving break ever since the beginning of October when a group of us EMUers gathered in a tiny Campus Center room to hear from Janet and Linford about the 2014 MIDDLE EAST CROSS-CULTURAL!!! We spent about an hour going over trip basics like a probable itinerary, reasons this really will be safe, and how the application process would work. Then, within a week, we turned in our applications, and had interviews so they could get to know us a bit better. I had applied last year, so our meeting mostly consisted of “how have you been?” and “Well, I guess you already know what you need to know about the trip…” etc. etc. They said they would inform us of whether we were in the group or on the waiting list by Thanksgiving Break. Feeling a bit impatient, I felt like Thanksgiving would never come… until this morning, WHEN IT CAME EARLY!!!

You see in the morning, I tend to wake up right before my phone’s alarm goes off (or sometimes when it goes off) and hold it until I’m ready to get out of bed… I’m a night owl, and mornings are hard. My phone is merely there to let me know what time it is so I’m not late… this morning when I sat up to reach for my phone ( a good 7 minutes before it went off, I might add) I looked over to see Morgan standing by my bed. To be honest my first thought was one of confusion, after all, I usually don’t wake to find my roommates standing by my bed, but then she said “Guess What?” Feeling a lack of brain in my head (after all, I had just woken up) I replied “What?” only for her to respond “No, Guess!” (At this point my brain wants to know why in the world it has to think when it isn’t even 8am) “Morgan, it’s the morning. I can’t think yet, just tell me.”  “WE GOT INTO THE MIDDLE EAST!!!” (ok, she didn’t yell it, probably because Lenny-Baby was still sleeping, but she wanted to) To which I freaked out and quietly exclaimed “I need to find my pants!!!” before locating the pants I had at the end of the bed, throwing them on and running out of the bedroom, into the office and getting onto my email to make sure she wasn’t lying to me. You see I normally wear pajama shorts, but last night I was cold so I wore my long pants, but was feeling strangled…. anywhoo, that really isn’t important. Because, I’M GOING TO THE MIDDLE EAST!!!

Love, Mandi Jo