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Dear Friend,

Sandy is on her way. People have crowded stores, stuffed their carts with TP, water, bread, and other basic necessities  (before one winter storm, I saw a lady with a cart filled to the brim with Pillsbury biscuits and orange juice… apparently she really likes her breakfast) to prepare for the storm of a lifetime. This storm is hitting the largest cities on the eastern seaboard, New York, Baltimore, Boston… New Jersey will be looking like a swamp by the end of it. When we hear about places like New York, we might not think about all those who live on the streets of the city. I can’t imagine living through a storm at the intensity that Sandy will be hitting New York, much less when I have no home to call my own. As all the articles regarding New York’s evacuation and the shutting down of their public transportation hit the media tonight… I send my prayers and love to all those who are affected by this coming storm… especially those who live on the streets. May there be hands to hold, arms to hug, and warmth for the body and soul.

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo