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Dear Friend,

I have approximately 15 minutes until I need to leave for work, so I’ll make this brief. I LOVE FALL!!! Obviously, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this since it’s nearing the end of October already, and I’m experiencing fall for the 21st time. There are several reasons why I love fall.

(1) Sweaters. I love sweaters, scarves… the whole new wardrobe selection that is available to me only during Fall.

(2) Cuddling. Yes, I am more than aware that I am a single lady… what I mean here is that Fall is a great time for hugs, and maybe someday for snuggling up on a couch with someone to watch a movie.

(3) The weather. Yes, this is related to the previous two reasons, but Fall weather is perfect because while it’s cold enough for sweaters and cuddling, it’s still warm enough to do outside things, like take walks, drive through the country with the windows down, or go star gazing.

(4) Apple Cider. This needs no explanation.

(5) Colorful Leaves. They’re so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. Go do Fall things!!! It’s a great way to shed all that crazy end of the semester stress, even if only for a little while.