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Goal: To record my life in the form of a published book. Published being the hard part.

Reason: I love reading memoirs, for the same reason I enjoy reading blogs. Because they offer a better insight into someone’s life than the everyday conversations we have. It also allows me to read about people I don’t know… and hear about the crazy, real-life stories they’ve lived. Like anyone else I like to think that my story is unique, that no one else has the journey, but I also think that every single part of my story is relatable to some one else. I love memoirs because I see that despite the differences in our individual stories, I can also see similarities binding us together.

Deadline: I would love to write multiple memoirs, each discussing various areas of my life, or eras… but I am much more likely to write just one. So my deadline for this single memoir is by the time I am 65.  And that’s to be published, not written. The biggest concern is that I’ll write a memoir and no one will publish it, but I guess we’ll deal with that obstacle when we get there.