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Goal: To make a quilt. Well, actually several quilts, but let’s just start with one.

Reason: Maybe this comes from my Mennonite Background, but it could also just be that I see beautiful quilts at the Relief Sale every year and wish I could make something that cool myself. I also prefer quilts to comforters… so that could be part of it. I have 2 quilts, for example that I have laying around at the moment, a yellow one (made from Kenyan fabric) and a giant green one that my great-grandma made out of fabric scraps.

Deadline:I’d like to make a quilt by the time I get married… but seeing how I’m not even dating anyone at this point that doesn’t really give me a good timeline now does it? So let’s just say by the time I’m 24… that’s almost 4 years. But I’d also like to make one for my first child (or one for each of my children… but that’s getting a little carried away, isn’t it)