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Goal: To start a youth center. Group Home. I’m not really sure what the correct term for what I want to do is, but essentially I want to have approximately 4 high school aged youth who live with me… This is the biggest item that is on my “bucket list” because not only is it what I hope to dedicate my life to, but it’s all about people. TO be honest this idea will never be fully thought out and planned, because you can’t plan people. I have hopes and dreams about the possibilities of having a home where teens feel like they have found a family, but being an artist I’m really interested in utilizing art therapy too… but that’s a side note.

Reason: This is too hard to explain fully, or even very well, because I’ve wanted to do this for years. I’m not quite 20, but this idea has been in my head for almost a decade. As a 5th grader, I had this dream of living in a home where I was like a mother hen, running around taking care of other people in a huge house where everyone felt like family, and people felt like they could stop by at any time and be welcomed in. It wasn’t until around 8th grade, however, that I realized I really did want this, that I wanted to create this home, this lifestyle for myself. I guess the best way to explain it, is to say that this isn’t some business plan. Yes, I think about the best way to execute this crazy idea, and yes, I worry about if it will be financially feasible, but in the end, I know that I want to live a life of love, and that even if I fail to accomplish this dream in its entirety, I can still create a home that is open and welcoming to the surrounding community.

Deadline: I have no freakin’ clue. I want to do this right, but I don’t think that there will ever be some crazy moments where it gets handed to me on a plate either. I guess the best way to say this is that I want to have a plan by the time I’m 30, and be in action by the time I’m 35. But I’m willing to compromise, if there are other things I’m being called to first.