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Goal: Open a cafe called The Clear Glass where everything is served in (you guessed it) clear glassware. I want it to have wholesome ingredients, and to taste good… but most of all be that shop on the corner in some small town where people love to come hang out.

Reason: I’ve always loved food. For the past several years I’ve utilized my chocolate chip cookie skills to my advantage (people come running when there are warm cookies to be had…) but I’ve had an interest in exploring food and creating new recipes for only about a year of two. I like food that’s both delicious and comforting…

Deadline: I don’t plan on doing this until after I retire… or start to get tired/overwhelmed with the career I’ve chosen for myself (Which is coming up next…) so I don’t really have a deadline for this one, except that hopefully it will happen.

Love, Mandi Jo