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Dear Friend,

Do not fear!!! I have not forgotten you, I promise. I have, however found it difficult to find time on the family computer, which happens to be the only one with internet access. Lydia has been living on it in the hopes of completing all of her homework…so for all I know, I won’t be writing much until the end of May. I have, however been asked if I am still writing, which is a sign that I have abandoned you for too long. My apologies.

In the two weeks since I finished my Freshman year of college (already???, yet at the same time, Finally!!!… what a conundrum) I have mostly been washing dishes and making supper, not to mention trying to consolidate my stuff into my old room with all of Eli’s stuff. Unfortunately, our puppy, Aang, was hit by a car a day or two after I returned home from school and a few of my family members are feeling rather down… this loss has, however, prompted a family wide search for a new puppy which I’m sure will have its ups and downs this summer. Just this past week I got a job! I am officially a Subway sandwich artist. While this might not be the most sought after position in the job world, I am pretty excited to get started and honestly, to even have a job.

Yesterday I took a trip down to the Fishersville/Staunton area with Megan and Kelsey to visit Melinda! We got the grand home tour, sat/talked in her gazebo, and then took off for some chinese! After we picked up our chinese we drove to Gypsy Hill Park in, or near, downtown Staunton where we ate, fed baby swans and chastised “naughty” ducks (There is no way to explain this well, so I’ll just leave you wondering). Then we started on back towards Fishersville, along the way we ran into Starbucks just in time for Happy Hour (we ran in with about 15 seconds to spare, literally), before meeting up with Christophe, back at Melinda’s house! He only had time to grab a few hugs and talk for a few minutes before taking off, but it was nice to be able to see him. After all, I have discovered that despite us living closer than usual, college makes it harder to see each other throughout the year. After Christophe left, we all headed inside to watch The Vow… because there’s nothing like a Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams match up. What an amazing, busy day!

Today, however, has been much less productive with the finalization of picture editing for EMHS’s Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and looking for dinner recipes being my main activities of the day. Speaking of recipes, I’ve decided on making a vegetable chowder for dinner tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to upload the recipe and tell you what I think!

All of that being said, I have high hopes for the summer!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo