Dear Friend,

I’ve been getting really bad at posting, but it’s time I give you all an update. I’ve been thinking about so much recently. I’ve thought about love, learning, what it means to nurture others… for some odd reason I’ve thought about what it means to parent even though I have no plan on becoming a parent any time soon. I don’t I guess my mind has just been rushing at full speed for the past few weeks or so. In so many ways I’ve been freaking out about what’s going to happen, what I should/shouldn’t feel, how other people feel/don’t feel, what I should even be doing! Today has been a lovely break from the insanity and I have felt oddly at peace all day. It helps that the sun was out and I got an outstanding music artist recomendation, but in general, I think my brain was worn out and decided to take a break… I’m sure it will be up and roaring again tomorrow… who knows maybe my rushing thoughts will actually formulate themselves into words.

Love, Mandi Jo