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Dear Friend,

So I realize that you probably don’t pay much attention to when (as in what time during the day) I write my posts, if you can even see… but it’s late about, 2:30 am. You see I don’t think well in the morning, and I don’t really have time during the day because of classes and what not… by the time I have enough time to sit down and write it’s really late and I’m falling asleep at the computer. The past few days have been full of stuff I want to write about, but to be honest I don’t have the time right now… but at some point, maybe tomorrow (er, later today) but maybe not for a little while, I want to talk about yesterday when I couldn’t stop thinking about how I interact with people who are different than me… am I as accepting as I would like to think? I also want to talk about my experience today attending a service at the local mosque. But today I want to talk about learning!

I love learning. I love stuffing facts in my head, pulling out tidbits of random information and using it in a conversation, learning new skills. It’s awesome. I think that, more than anything is why I’m surviving this crazy schedule. I feel exhausted and can’t wait for next week to be over so I can leave for Spring Break, most of the time I feel like I won’t ever be able to finish everything I have to do, much less have a moment of relaxation over the weekend. But I’m Learning. I’m learning about Erikson, Gilligan, Fundamentalism, social movements, groups and organizations, Spanish, Psychology… I”m NOT learning about speech, the class just isn’t set up well, at all… I’m also doing a learning a few things outside of the classroom.

Recently I’ve been watching Switched at Birth which I’m not going to bother explaining, but it has inspired me to learn ASL. So I’ve asked Morgan (see side link to see her blog… she and I have had similar blogging minds the past little while) to help me because I know she knows a little and wants to keep working at it… and I’ve been trying to use sign whenever I know the signs for what I’m trying to say… in addition to speaking it of course. So be prepared for me trying to use my hands a lot! I’ve also been taking impromptu guitar lessons with Megan. She’s showed me a few chords and when I’m in her room I try and use her guitar to practice… and get feedback. I really need to work on moving from one chord to another though… because it’s hard.

Anyways I’m exhausted (as I’ve said before) and if this goes on much longer I will be useless at work tomorrow. Night!

Love, Mandi Jo