Dear Friend,

It’s day three, and while I feel hungrier than ever when hungry, I feel hungry less often than before. I have felt so much support from those around me (YOU) and can’t thank you all enough for supporting me throughout this week. I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can reflect on the entire week an how this fast was/is.

In Conflict, Violence, and Terrorism today we talked about leadership and what it means to be a leader. Carolyn offered up a description that I really want to reflect on some time during this week when I have a bit more time than right now (I have approx. 5 minutes here…Roh) She said that a leader is the first person to sacrifice on behalf of the whole. What a beautiful idea. This idea of sacrificial leadership is at the core Christianity and is one of the traits we see in some of the ideal leaders of the world. The example I’m thinking of in particular is of course the skilled faster, Gandhi. I hope that this image of sacrificial leadership can not only stick with me, but that it can encourage me to be willing to sacrifice for the needs of others.