Dear Friend,

If you have been viewing this lovely blog recently you may have noticed it is rather hard to find older posts. If you are at all like me you sometimes remember reading (or in my case, writing) something superb, witty, hilarious, or maybe just insightful (I know sound a little over prideful at the moment, but if it wasn’t good you wouldn’t be looking for it) and you want to go find and re-read that moment of brilliance. Because of the difficulty some people have been having, I am currently in the process of going through posts and adding “tags” so that they can be more easily found through the search of keywords and titles. Until that time at which I tell you that this process has been completed you can utilize the “Find Posts Here!” tab at the top of the page (Yes, those tabs are there for a reason). Or even better yet you can ask me personally and I would be more than willing to send you a link or help you find it on your own computer.

At this point, you may be wondering what types of older posts would people be looking for? So I’m going to start a short game. This is partially because I love games, but also because… well mostly because I love games. So how it works is I am going to give you clues that should lead you some of the most viewed posts, most beloved posts of my short existence. Then you, as the reader, should go track down these posts and facebook message me the titles of the posts.

1. I was the first post in a series. I have three comments. The post before me was a recipe for scones.

2. My name is a quote from my author. My title has nothing to do with my subject matter. The post after me is a number.

3. I fit the season. I am a request. I’m after some “Powerful Stuff”

4. I am an item of clothing. I recollect an odd experience. I hate washing machines.

5.  I am one of Mandi’s favorite ice cream toppings. I am sweet, tangy, and magically delicious. I have 6 ingredients.

6. I am your favorite post. You consider me one of Mandi’s finest moments. Who am I?

So go on, it’s time to play, SEARCH ME!

Lots of Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. I recognize that I told you it was difficult to find old posts only to ask you to go digging through them, but that’s half the fun, right?