Dear Friend,

I just had a disturbing moment. I was listening to my Pandora and all of the sudden my music was interrupted for a commercial break. Now, as someone who uses Pandora fairly regularly I know that this happens sometimes and would usually be only mildly irritated, if at all. Tonight however, I am highly upset because my beautiful, calm, “reading” music was interrupted NOT for a hilarious Verizon commercial (you know the one where the boy scout’s campfire explodes…) but for some CRAP movie about demons and exorcism and other ugly, disturbing, non-beautiful, non-calm, things being shown and discussed. THIS HAS NO PLACE IN MY PANDORA!!! Sure, if I was listening to death metal then I would get the correlation… but jumping from Bon Iver to a song from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack shouldn’t have the trailer for such films. EVER. Now, to be honest I have watched a movie of that genre… but it was a horrible experience and just reinforced my stance on them (Michael, never again). If I want something scary-ish then I would much rather go for a psychological thriller than something with lots of killing or any demons… oh great now I’m getting something about the end of the world… Pandora should know that the reason I just closed their tab is because I am getting ads that not only have no relevancy to me, but actually make we want to stop using their services… forever.

Now on the brighter side of life I wanted to ask all of you to do my friend a favor by voting for her essay (see link below). Voting will help her win a scholarship, and like the rest of the world’s college students, she likes scholarships, and I like her, so yeah be Nike. Just Do IT.

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. As you may have seen I am in the process of filling out my Double H Ranch application. Please, WISH ME LUCK!!!