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Dear Friend,

Hello again! Christmas Break has been in full swing for almost a week now and Christmas is practically here. I love this next week. The last week of the year is when I prepare myself for the year ahead. I love having time where my entire family is happy, or at least pretending to be, and the sense of a new beginning. New Years Eve is probably the best holiday ever, not only do I get to remind myself of the type of person I want to be, I get the chance to reminisce about the year that is ending. As someone who loves reflection and thinking about the past/present/future, I view New Years as my time to do that on a larger scale than yesterday or last week, but a reflection on the last year. Not only do I get the chance to look back at all of the great times the past year held, I get the opportunity to think about some of the exciting adventures that might be ahead. New Years Eve is about expectations, thinking about the year ahead and saying, this is what I expect to experience, what I expect of myself, I what I hope for the year to come. Setting reasonable goals and expectations for yourself is important, but I try to think of New Year Resolutions more as a reminder to stick to my values than to set literal goals for myself. So for New Years I plan on posting about values and how I hope that relates to my year ahead… Happy Holidays!!!

Love, Mandi Jo