Dear Friend,

So today (actually yesterday, if you want to get technical about it) was a really busy day. I spent almost no time doing “productive” activities. A few minutes here, a few minutes there… in general, however, I mostly spent time with people. This, I realize is not exactly what one should be doing when you have a bunch of homework to be doing, but sometimes it’s what I need. I’m very relational, I need to spend time with people… if I don’t spend time with people I lose all productivity… my problem is that once I get out of a routine of doing homework at a particular time, then I struggle to get back into a routine. This falling out of routine happened a few weeks ago when I was really stressed and was sleeping poorly. This lack of sleep caused an inability to focus and now… I’m working on getting back into routine. It’s hard. I make it hard on myself by allowing myself to get distracted, this post being example #1.

I registered today. I thought I had 15 credits for next semester, but I actually only had 14. This bothered me, but there weren’t any classes that would fit both the slots I had left, and would be required for my major/minors/gen eds… but I didn’t want to have just 14 credits. SO I’m taking Spanish. Yup, Spanish… it was a completely random decision that I made halfway through the day, and so yeah… I’ll probably fail. I’m horrible with languages. French? I struggled, REALLY struggled, but I’ll try Spanish…  After all I feel like as future social worker of america, it’s important that I can speak one of the fastest growing languages in this country. At Gift and Thrift, for example, we sometimes have customers who don’t speak English, this is really frustrating because it makes me feel like I’m unqualified for my job. I want to be able to communicate with those who visit G&T! It has however been helpful for me to be in a situation where I can recognize that this is a need. I DO need to learn at least basic Spanish so that I can be a competent social worker. Competency is one of the values of NASW!!! While it mostly refers to knowing when you AREN’T qualified and need to refer clients to other people, I also see it as educating yourself in order to be competent within your roles, and one of the largest roles I would have as a Social Worker is to communicate effectively with people. Anyways, I’m exhausted and haven’t even accomplished anything for staying up so late, so I might as well sleep. Night!

Love, Mandi Jo