Dear Friend,

I can only hope you did not have the experience I did this morning. I can honestly say it is the weirdest thing that has ever caused me to miss class. You see the washer is holding my pants hostage. Yup, my pants. All of them. I put them in the washer and when I came back to take them out the washer is flashing the message “SUDS” on it’s little screen and the door is locked, my pants inside. What was I supposed to do? walk around in pajama shorts? I don’t think so, it’s FREEZING out there. After digging around my room in hopes of finding something I could wear I eventually came across the khaki pants I am wearing now. They had been hiding in the back of my closet because I don’t particularly like wearing khakis. This aversion, however, finds its origins in the fact that I feel like a middle-aged woman when I am wearing khaki pants. I’m just not that old yet. So anyways, I’m assuming people are working on this hostage situation, but in the meantime I have asked my Dad to have my Mom bring me a pair of pants so that there is somethings for me to wear in the morning. Never fear.

Love, Mandi Jo