Dear Friend,

Now as you know this summer I’ve been anticipating the arrival of “fall” (The quotations are to point out that it technically isn’t Fall) and the new school year it brings, yup that’s right, it’s college time. Now one may be wondering what my new surroundings look like, but to be honest they haven’t changed. You see I am, at the moment, back home (go figure, can’t even stay away for a whole week.) You see my computer has not yet arrived…and I’m too lazy to go to the computer lab just so I can check Facebook, so I just haven’t been on a computer… until now. And no, I DIDN’T walk 20 minutes just so I could use the family computer, I actually came to see if I could find some items that I was absolutely sure had come with me…but that I now, cannot find. They still seem to be eluding me, but this trip DID mean I got to see my Dad, and to talk to you (obviously) so, I guess it has been a good thing.

Love, Mandi Jo