Dear Friend,

As I’m sure most of you know, especially those of you living here in H-burg, Virginia had a 5.8 earthquake a few days ago at about 1:45 pm. Now this IS out of the ordinary, but it is the aftermath, not the actual event that I’d like to briefly mention. When discussing said event, it was soon discovered that people’s reactions to the earthquake were much more enjoyable to discuss. The greatest moment, of course, was when someone mentioned that they overheard/saw on facebook people freaking out about the possibility of a tsunami… yes, I did say Tsunami. Now before you start asking silly questions let me just remind you that H-burg is over 100 miles from the Atlantic ocean and has an elevation of ~1352 feet… in other words, it is virtually impossible for Harrisonburg to be hit by a tsunami. This is, of course, not mentioning that, in all cases I’ve heard of at least, Tsunami’s are caused by earthquakes on the ocean floor… which makes the likelihood of a tsunami even MORE slim. So there you go, people are insane, and Harrisonburg will NOT become the worlds next Atlantis.

Love, Mandi Jo