Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed how plans never go the way you expect? You might plan on having the worst day of your existence so far and end up meeting your personal hero, or plan on doing a bunch of really exciting things only to find yourself stuck at home without any transportation. Now I realize that those were two very different, and very extreme examples but I think you get my point. Which of course I now have to explain, just in case you don’t (because we all know, that if you DON’T get my point and I don’t explain it, you’ll stop reading this post…and that would be sad.) So my point is that there will be unforeseen events and obstacles that we encounter everyday, they might be as little as forgetting your keys inside the car and needing to run back inside for them, or looking out your window and realizing that you dinner guests might not make it to your house because of the large number of emergency vehicles blocking your driveway (that actually happened last night, we didn’t know what was going on,) or they might be life changing, like an unexpected illness. Which gets to my REAL point which is that plans can’t be followed to the “T” because situations will change, but they should be made, to be your “guiding light.” If you have a plan, you know where to head next, you might not know what will happen along the way, you might even decide to change direction, but you’ll be moving forward.

Love, Mandi Jo