Dear Reader,

I previously said I would write about Puerto Rice, Beach Week, Grad Parties and other Grad related activities, but I really haven’t figured out what I want to say about them yet, so I’m going to just blab about something completely random instead. What is that random topic to be blabbed about you wonder? Well, the 5 love languages of course. (Let’s be honest here though, the “of course” was completely worthless. You had no reason to believe that I would be writing about the 5 love languages, but back on topic…) now you see, because of me being the crazy person that I am, and having nothing to do whatsoever, yesterday I found myself reading a parenting book by Gary Chapman on the 5 Love Languages, this book in particular happened to be about how parents must change the way they “speak” their kids  love language as their kids become teenagers. To be honest most of the book, was rather worthless for someone like me who is only 18 and doesn’t have any kids much less a teenager, but the chapters that spoke specifically about each of the “languages” were quite insightful. You see everyone needs love in all 5 “languages” but we also have a primary love language, the language we need to be “spoken to” most often. Here are the 5 Love Languages (In order from my primary language, to the language that I need the least of)

  1. Touch
  2. Words of Appreciation
  3. Gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Acts of Service

Ta-Dah! There you go, the 5 love languages. They’re all fairly self-explanatory however there is one which I will explain just a little further. Gifts doesn’t mean that you can just give gifts to the person and they will feel loved, it means that they appreciate when you take the time to give them something whether it is a card, or a little trinket from a trip you took to show you appreciate them. To them it is a symbol of your love with much more sentimental value, then monetary or logical value. Now the reason I’m so excited about this is that (despite the focus of the book) these love languages can be used outside of parenting, although I’m sure they are useful there, which means that once you figure out what a persons primary love language is, you can use that to improve your relationship. How awesome is that?!?! so anywhoo, that’s all I had to say, enjoy!

Love, Mandi Jo