Dear Friend,
It would appear that I have finally found the time to return to my blogging, although to be honest, I prefer to think of these posts as personal letters. so feel free to think of these writings as personally dedicated to you, individually (as opposed to a collective group.) So, as you may have guessed, I have graduated, huzzah! this new state of being, as a high school graduate, has not yet hit the understanding part of my brain, but I have hopes for this happening sometime in the near future. The month of May has brought many events, tales, and (of course) adventures. I realize that I still haven’t told you about Puerto Rico, which was at the beginning of April, and that is still on the agenda for stories to be told. All of that nonsense being stated, let’s just say that several new events are being added to that list of upcoming stories including (but probably not limited to)the following: senior presentations (I’ll most likely just put up the text of what I said, which I realize is rather risky seeing how it means that my deepest struggles will be right here for all of you to read, repeatedly if you would so desire, but I figure that if I read it aloud to whoever decided to show up, while crying I might add, then why not post it here?)my grad party, other grad parties and their woes (yes, woes)and grad weekend. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not planning on telling ANY of this to you at this time, so if that’s all you were looking for, then I apologize for the disappointment. What I will say is that at this very moment I am doing something that all, or at least most, of you (you meaning human beings in general)should wish you were doing. No, I don’t mean writing, although I do hope you get to enjoy something the way I do when I’m writing, in this form that is, I don’t really enjoy writing papers for example. I do however mean sitting in a beach house packed full with 6 of my greatest friends in the whole world. I’ve not only created a new recipe today but driven around aimlessly for a good thirty minutes or so, and swum in the ocean for an hour or two, I’ve even eaten a bit of cake and watched Hot Rod (still haven’t made up my mind about that movie yet, ask me at some later date)and am now about to head off to what I assume will be much more insanity.
Love, Mandi Jo