Dear Reader,
In case you haven’t noticed, and I hope you have, I have not written in quite some time. You see I’ve begun writing multiple times and everytime, I have found some reason not to actually finish posting. Sometimes I have decided that what I am writing is just a bunch of rubbish, sometimes, in the middle of what I am writing I have to leave and just never get back to it, sometimes I just sit here and think “wow, I have nothing of any importance to say…” Today, however, I realized that I have just been driving myself crazy. What I have to say usually isn’t of any importance anyways, so why should that even be a factor in writing? It shouldn’t! So here I am, letting you know that I AM alive, and while I have been writing…my writings have not been shared, but I shall attempt to continue to share future writings with you.
Love, Mandi Jo