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Dear Friend,

Before I get into the boring details of my recent, and sleep filled past, let me first discuss some very random things that I have learned about myself:

  • I can’t seem to keep up with all of the writing projects I have in my brain. You see aside from this blog I also journal, write collections of letters, I’m writing a novel (actually I’ve just creating a world FOR a novel, the novel part is yet to come) and I have random spurts of poetry. This is INSANE!!! I have WAY too many writing projects going on for a single person, much less a person who struggles to write anything for school (This is seriously a struggle, I could sit at a computer for hours, not knowing where to start when it comes to a school assignment, but creative writing, let me at it.)
  • I love candles. Seriously, candles are amazing. They look cool, they can smell amazing, and they create a much warmer light then your average lightbulb. That being said, be careful, they could make a mess (you know with all of the wax going everywhere, etc) and I’m sure they’ve created havoc by setting things on fire before, however this has not happened to me (at least, not yet.)
  • I love tea. Yes, even more than candles. Yesterday alone I think I drank about 8 oz. of vanilla sleepytime tea, 32 oz of just regular unsweetened tea (most likely just black tea,) and another 16 oz. of peppermint tea. That’s a lot of tea (in case you haven’t figured that out on your own.) It was wonderful.
  • I have a terrible bout of senioritis, it’s true. I’ve been hit. I no longer find any motivation to do, well, anything school-related. However, I will continue attempting to get everything finished and turned in on time (despite the fact that I haven’t done so, so far)
  • I have a grudge against the EMHS guidance office, yes it’s true. If you haven’t heard me tell you why I am frustrated with them yet, you mostly likely will soon. Let’s just say I will blame them if I don’t get any scholarship money, say, for instance, 10,000 from EWU.

Despite my grudge towards the guidance office, and the abnormal amounts of tea I drank yesterday, my love of candles and lack of educational motivation I will continue to work on too many writing projects in the too few hours of the day.

But back to the event of the recent past. As you know I recently traveled to Richmond with Malinda. We had a wonderful van ride (full of padiddles, I got up to 21!!!) to (and from) a beautifully warm and sunny location. Although, I’ll admit, it was rather windy. We visited Joe, met some of his comrades, saw him work in one of VCU’s many art studios, visited Belle Isle (in the James River,) and went out to eat. It was quite an exciting trip. Then, as many of you know I “brought-back” Mandi’s Cookies. Yes, it is true. You may now, once again, order cookies by the dozen (only $5 per dozen, so TOTALLY worth it) I am offering chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. Very delicious, you should buy some NOW (it even helps support me in paying back my parents for Touring Choir’s Puerto Rico trip this spring.) Then I got sick. sigh. I don’t know what I got but, I just didn’t feel good at all so I stayed home for two days, and pretty much slept and drank tea the whole time. Today was my first day back! I always hate coming back from being sick because the teachers always expect you to have homework from when you were gone, but seriously, if I stayed home, it was because I didn’t feel good enough to work, so I didn’t do any work, comprende??? All of this being said, have a wonderful afternoon.

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. Dear Editors of Eclectia, I have found a few possible pieces for submission. You have been bothering me about this, so I thought I’d let you know.

P.P.S. Golde, The pound cake recipe is already up. I posted it in October in the Recipe category. Hope it turns out.