Dear Friend,

It seems more than appropriate to continue with my series on the male species at this time, considering the fact that Valentine’s day is a mere two days away. We’ve all had that guy that can’t seem to leave our minds. We’ve liked them for what seems like forever, and while we may have moments when we think we like someone else, we always seem to come back to them. It’s the way they smell, smile, look when  their hair is all messed up. It’s the way their eyes twinkle when they laugh, the small comments that make your day. The moments when you feel you have something in common, when he makes you laugh, the way he laughs out loud and chuckles to himself, the moments your eyes meet and all you can do is smile. Unfortunately most of us merely think of this guy, wishing he would like us back, it seems ridiculously far-fetched to believe that he might actually think of us the same way. So what do we do? We might keep it to ourselves, we might talk about it with a close friend or two, we might even giggle about a little insignificant “moment” that happened during the day you know, when he accidentally bumped into you in the hallway at after turning around a corner too fast, and he actually acknowledged your presence by apologizing!!! Yes, you know it’s true, we’ve all done crazy things like this at some point or another and to be honest we have no idea why, we can’t seem to keep ourselves from seeing too much in the little moments when we happen to see each other in the hallway, or sit next to each other in class. It’s watching commercials about valentine’s day and thinking, that’s what I want with him. Listening to songs and relating it to your relationship, wanting what won’t happen, looking for signs that aren’t there, and believing in what will never be. So to all of you crazy love sick girls out there, hold your horses and calm your jets, love WILL find you, even if it isn’t right now.

Oh and guys, just tell her that you like her already, even if she doesn’t like you back, she’ll be flattered. If you just freaked out when I said that, I mean it. What time could be a better time than now? It’s Valentine’s Day, the season of love! You don’t want to be rejected? Well, that’s normal, I get it, but she could like you back and you don’t even know it (for some odd reason, most of us girls tend to be pretty good at hiding the fact that we like someone.) So that only leaves you with one excuse, you’re nervous about the facing her and just telling her. Well, girls have it pretty easy, socially we are the ones being asked rather than doing the asking (you know, for dating, marriage, etc.) so we usually don’t face this issue. Unless you directly ask us who we like, and we like you…our mind usually goes blank before we start stammering, turning red, or just blatantly lying to you, unfortunate, I know. But have hope! While we usually don’t face this issue directly, we DO recognize that it’s hard to do. If, however, you REALLY struggle with telling her face to face, there is one option that is acceptable (but only as a last resort) and that is a handwritten letter. HANDWRITTEN, not typed, not online, not some silly poem, etc. A handwritten letter with fully formed sentences, that explains yourself. It can work, letters even show up in the works of Jane Austen (british author who wrote 6 novels. All of which explain the happenings of a love story, excluding Emma, which I REFUSE to accept as a love story,) these letters are used to make (or break) relationships within the stories. But back to your problem, I highly recommend telling her in person, but — why am I explaining all this? You get the point. Good Luck!

Love, Mandi Jo