Dear Friend,

If you haven’t been hearing me talk about this today, you most likely will in the near future, and most likely in the far future too. You see for Christmas my Grandma gave me The Shack, my first instinct, of course, was “great, a book from my grandma…I’ll read this, some other time” but then yesterday Kelsey encouraged me to read it. Then, last night, I was looking around wondering what I should do when I saw it sitting on my shelf and decided to pick it up. Within the first few pages I found myself captivated and by page 56 I had tears rolling down my face. With almost 200 pages still to go I wondered what was in store, would I find myself moved to tears throughout the ENTIRE book? Unwilling to stop and think about it for long, I decided that I would just keep reading. Yes, I DID cry through almost all the remaining pages, but I found myself so challenged, yet so comforted by the words I was reading that tears seemed appropriate. Until now, I’ve never been so moved by a book. Yes, I have read many books, and multiple books have moved me to tears or felt important in some way, but this was different. I felt as if God was right there with me, it isn’t something that can be fully explained, and without reading the book for yourself, I’m afraid you can’t understand the way that the words make it so that you see things in new, and beautiful light. This book made me feel loved, gave me hope, and if you decide to read it, I hope it does the same for you.

Love, Mandi Jo