Dear Friend,
I hope this blog post signals the end of my blogging dry spell. I have reminded myself to blog, and HERE I AM! This has been the most exciting week! On Wednesday I felt rather trapped because of the lack of school, but Thursday (Despite not having school again) I was able to get out and about. You see I went snow tubing at Massanutten with the youth council. We became quite cold and found ourselves yelling at each other on the conveyor belt because we couldn’t hear each other. Afterwards we were telling each other stories about hurting ourselves, monkeys and all sorts of random things. Afterwards Malinda, Michael and I retreated to the Bender household to watch House. Then, today, we had a delay, 30 minute classes, and a fund drive celebration all afternoon. The Senior class discovered that it raised the largest money amount for a single class in the history of EMHS!!! WHOOHOO SENIORS! I wish I had played a larger part in that particular victory, yet I still feel proud of my fellow seniors. Then, as a part of the festivities, we made ASLAN out of snow, we even had a lamp-post! Then later this evening I invited a few people over for tea, only to discover that some people’s were getting together for tea somewhere else, so I postponed my tea gathering and joined them instead. Now I prepare to end my day, week, and post. Goodnight my dear friend, good night.
Love, Mandi Jo
P.S. You are welcome to join me for tea at my house next friday night!