Dear Friend,

If you live anywhere near me, you will have, undoubtedly, realized that snow is falling from the sky, roads are slick, and that you are stuck in the confines of your house…or maybe that last one is just me. Last night, I was one of four who took it upon ourselves to study for the Government test that we were supposed to have today (obviously not happening.) About half an hour before I left my home to travel the 1/2 mile to Malinda’s house, I received a call informing me that we were all going to be wearing our PJ’s. I quickly shed my beacon pants for the coffee-themed pj’s that awaited my, jumped in the van and headed over. To my surprise, Gennie was wearing her pj’s inside out, I don’t fully understand this, even now, but she believes that it will cause us to have enough snow for school cancelled. After “Studying” for about an hour or two (you see there WAS studying going on, but mostly on the part of Melissa, for Malinda, Gennie, and I were a little too affected by the possibility of snow combined with our ever-present senioritis) we retreated to Malinda’s kitchen where we enjoyed tea and Michael made us chocolate souffles. Michael also entertained us by drawing two pictures on newspaper pages, one of which I am now in possession of entitled, “GNOME?” The other is currently in the possession of Gennie, however I plan on claiming that portrait as well, for I believe that when the planned third piece is created, and a true trio is formed we will have a masterpiece on our hands…I hope to frame them. So Michael, kudos. But back to the story. After our tea and souffles we flushed ice cubes, another attempt at making it snow, before heading back downstairs for more conversation and “Studying.” It was not long, however, before we found ourselves leaving that place and heading back to our respective homes. This morning, when I awoke, I was, at first, delighted to find that our inside out pj’s, flushed ice cubes and hopeful thoughts had been taken note of by the snow, for the snow had, indeed, come here. However, the longer I sit at home, the more I realize that I am, in fact, trapped at home, alone.

Love, Mandi Jo

P.S. Feel free to stop by, I will make tea!