Dear Friend,

As of 6 minutes ago, it became 1-1-11 and the over abundance of 1’s has me now looking forward to 11-11-11 at 11:11 when all will be right with the world, or at least for that one moment when crazy CDO number people like myself can finally relax, for then the numbers truly will line up. Yes, I realize that this moment is months away, but it still calls to me…and yes, I DO realize that I’m insane. 2011 represents a BIG change in my life. It has been this way forever, actually just since when I went back into public school and entered the 2nd grade rather than the 3rd grade but let’s not get off topic here. In this year, I will do several things: decide where I will attend college, graduate high school, do something wonderfully fantastic over the summer (I’m not exactly sure what yet,) start college, and consequently meet a bunch of new people, spend too much money on tuition, do crazy things, and according to past experiences by college freshman across the country-gain 15 Lbs. (ugh…) However in celebrating these coming events, let’s not forget that 2010 has treated me well I’ve done MANY different things: I’ve gone various places, cooked many new foods, watched too many movies and tv shows, drank (drunk?) gallons of tea, baked dozens of cookies, met new people, got to know people better, talked, laughed, and teased with friends, the list goes on. So to 2011 I’d like to say this, While I’m sad to see 2010 go, in all of its eclectically uproarious good times, I welcome the new year with all of it’s exciting changes, possibilities, and new beginnings.

Love, Mandi Jo