I am thankful for…

Family to encourage me to create my own future, and give me hugs when I need them

Van Adventures and all of their loud, overly-hyper conversations about anything and everything. I may not know where we’re going, and we KNOW that you don’t know, but our faith-o-mapping will continue to bring us to our random destinations.

Kyle and Birch- may your adventures be immortal, your distinct characters never-ending their habit of stalking me throughout my travels…

Dead Worm carcass Catering to your musical and photographical wedding needs!

Sobe combinations, McDonald’s sweet teas, apple pies, and mac ‘n cheese…

Shawn and Gus, because they’re us…and it’s insane how true that is

Death Cab For Cutie because they are my lone excuse for sanity

Martinelli’s  for bringing back memories of my “early years”

my goals for keeping me on track

There are also many thanks that go unspoken (the more obvious ones: for a roof over my head, food, etc.)

Love, Mandi Jo