Dear Friend,

In case you’re looking for an alternative meal plan for this Thanksgiving, or if you just want something that is both healthy and delicious to warm you up over the next few weeks. Here is a great squash soup recipe that some friends and I used for a class projects a few weeks ago.

Peel and Chop

2 onions

2 Tablespoons worth fresh ginger root

2 apples

1 butternut squash (seed)

Saute the onions and ginger in approximately 1 Tablespoon olive oil

Add the squash cubes, apples, and 4 cups (1L) vegetable broth

Bring to a boil

Reduce heat and let simmer until squash and apples are tender

Puree in blender until smooth

Salt and pepper to taste

Tips: Feel free to make this ahead of time because this soup tastes just as good fresh as it does reheated. Another thing is to not worry about getting everything done at the same time. Once the squash and apples are tender, it doesn’t matter when you puree the soup, so you can either puree it immediately or place the soup in the fridge and puree it right before you reheat and serve.

From the “Simply in Season” Cookbook (R. Hartzler)