Dear Friend,

It’s time to talk about music. Music is truly a great and amazing thing. You have no idea how much I love music. I just love it. Unfortunately I am not a junkie…I could very well become one, but alas my actual knowledge of good artists is rather limited, however I still consider myself a music enthusiast. Anywhoo I thought I’d take some time to list some awesome artists, but I must remind you that I will not discuss all, most or even many artists…because there are simply too many to list. Well, here we go…


The Perishers

Death Cab For Cutie

The Postal Service

Andrew Bird

Bon Iver

The Civil Wars

Brendan James

The Kooks

Vampire Weekend


Jimmy Eat World

The Script


David Crowder Band

Tracy Chapman

Suzanne Vega

Boys Like Girls

Matt Nathanson



Avril Lavigne

The Bravery

Brendan James

Florence and the Machine

The Goo Goo Dolls

Howard Shore

Marjorie Richards

The Beatles

Relient K


The Black Keys

Blink 182

Rascal Flatts

Robert Plant


Lady Antebellum

The list goes on…feel free to add your own favorites.

Love, Mandi Jo