Dear Friend,

So yesterday, I was doing my daily perusal of facebook, when I came across someone’s status, quoting Proverbs 31:10. Now according to the New International Version, Proverbs 31:10 states “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” (although the version used on facebook said “good woman” rather than “wife of noble character” and “diamonds” instead of “rubies” but you get the idea) While my first thought was “THAT’S RIGHT!!!”, my second thought was “Am, I a ‘good woman’?” and my third thought was, or course, “What in the world is a ‘good woman’?”

So here, of course, is where my mind goes into hyperspeed and totally freaks out…because, well, I’m female and that’s just what we do. I had a profound thought (or at least I think it’s profound) but first, I must outline the world’s “good” women. So here’s my speedy compilation of stereotypical  “Good” women…

Nice- These are the women who seem to be able to handle ANYTHING. They maintain(ed) high grades all through school despite being successful in many extracurricular activities. As adults, these women will be able to juggle a successful career, and being the perfect soccer mom who is on the PTF, feeds her kids healthy snacks, and yet has time for a weekly yoga class and hosting monthly book club meetings. She may be the most organized person in the entire universe.

Saint- This woman is your neighborhood Mother Theresa. She wears fairly conservative clothing, makes great food and ALWAYS has an eye out for the neighborhood kids. She’s perfectly fine being a housewife and finds doing the laundry a relaxing chore. When the kids are at school she volunteers at a local charity and helps out at her family’s church congregation. She may not be the most organized person in the world, but she knows how to take care of people.

Now here comes the profound part. The problem with these two women isn’t that they’re doing something wrong,  in fact everything they’re doing is beneficial to someone in some way, but by deciding that these two descriptions fit all “Good” women our society has pretty much eliminated the majority of women from the “Good” category. So here is my description of a “good women”:

Good Women- This is your average women. She may not have been the BEST student, BEST athlete, or BEST musician. She may not be organized, know how to cook, do yoga, and she might not even have kids or get married. She DOES care about the people in her life, she does her best everyday and is dedicated to what she does. You may not always see the things she does as important or even recognize that she’s doing them, but nonetheless, they probably make your day just a little better in some way.

Ok so that was really random, and in my attempt to explain my thoughts I may have explained things in a weird way, so to sum it up, this is what I meant: The good woman in this world is the average woman, she may not be perfect or receive the best results, but she offers her best. Unfortunately NO woman is the  perfect woman…and no woman is a “good” woman ALL the time. We all have our good and bad days and you know what…that’s ok.

Love, Mandi Jo