Dear Friend,

Now we all know that there are just some things that drive us insane. These, pet peeves, can be an attitude/behavior, or just something that happens or exists. I just thought I’d list a few of mine (for some reason I have many of the traits that frustrate me)

  • Bad Storytellers who INSIST on telling stories constantly. (To be honest I am probably guilty of this for I have not inherited the storytelling skills that my Dad has. However, sometimes I have such amazing experiences that I just HAVE to try and explain them to someone.)
  • People without opinions, they just bother me, I mean seriously people think for yourself!!! (Once again, I am guilty of this. Sort of. I HAVE opinions, but I tend to be over aware of when I discuss them because I’m too scared of offending someone. But if you want to know, just ask and I’ll tell you. Seriously.)
  • When people leave lights on and either don’t need them or aren’t using them at all. (I’m actually not guilty of this, but my Dad is. You wouldn’t think so seeing how he works in renewable energies but he leaves lights on ALL the time and will turn lights on when there is NO reason for a light on. Drives me insane.)
  • When people are chronically slow/late. (Now for some reason this only bothers me with some people. My family members, however, receive NO MERCY! It drives me crazy that I have to wait for my family members before leaving for school, they may not care about being there at a decent time, but I DO!)
  • When people are picky about food. (I picky about VERY FEW food items and think it’s exciting to try new and different foods. I plan on continuing my parents “eat what is placed before you” rule for any/all  future children I have.)
  • When a small piece of toilet paper from the last sheet is remaining on the current sheet, seriously GET IT ALL! (Toilet paper, should be, by the way, over the top not down and under)
  • Texting while in a conversation with someone, at a meeting, in class, driving, stopped at stop lights, next to the person you’re texting, sitting down to dinner, etc. (COME ON PEOPLE, STOP BEING RUDE!!!)
  • People who: talk incessantly during class, interrupt class, or purposefully distract the teacher and get them off track.
  • People who cheat…get some INTEGRITY.
  • People who do homework for their next class in their current class rather than being attentive and respectful. (I will admit that I HAVE done this before, but I try to keep it to a minimum)
  • People talking with food in their mouth.
  • People who pretend to know EVERYTHING about something, I can and WILL find something you didn’t know.
  • People who refuse to be respectful of differences and opinions.
  • people who say you don’t or shouldn’t feel the way you feel. (My emotions are just my emotions don’t try and control them, it won’t work)

Well I’m guessing there are more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Love, Mandi Jo