Dear Friend,

Before I start I must apologize for the late-coming of this post, after all I did return from Senior trip weeks ago and have since been rather lackadasical in my posting. At least in the posting of this.

Well the SAT is OVER!!!! Unfortunately I wrote the worst essay I think I’ve EVER written, so who knows how I’ll do.

I can now, however, get back to telling you all about Senior Trip. So when we arrived in D.C. on Wednesday we immediately headed for the Supreme Court. Most of our time at the supreme court involved standing in lines, but it was still extremely interesting (I bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, now were you!) Now on Wednesday they were hearing the sides for several different cases. The first of these cases was about a small church who believes that God is punishing the United States by killing U.S. soldiers because of the U.S.’s acceptance of homosexuality and were protesting at funerals. To read more about it just go to there is a brief description of what that whole debacle was abo0ut. When we were at the supreme court we didn’t get to sit in on THIS issue however we DID get to see many people from the church protesting outside and believe me they are INSANE!!! Some of their signs were completely non-related, or contradicting each other. Many people from my class asked the protesters questions about why they believe what they do but just got frustrated because they weren’t getting any straight answers. Anywhoo we all went into the courtroom for about 3 minutes of the next case which was about this guy who recieved the death penalty partly because of a previous conviction. The problem is that they have since discovered that there had been some withheld blood evidence proving he hadn’t been guilty of the first offense. Anywhoo it was really cool and pretty much the best thing ever. So after that we walked down to where we we had our class picture taken in front of the capital building and then ate lunch. The downside to this was that it was FREEZING COLD!!! however this did mean more hugs…and I LOVE hugs. So anywhoo after that we went to the National Cathedral (which is the highest point in the D.C. I might add.) After the cathedral we headed off to the Zoo where we saw every thing from Pandas, elephants, all sorts of birds, many small mammals like monkeys, meerkats, naked moles rats (CRIKEY!!!), tigers, and gorillas. Then we headed out for dinner. For dinner we went to an area of town where there are a bunch of ethnic places to eat eight student (including myself) went to a place called Himilayan Heritage ( it was sooooo good!  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we went  looking for it but it was pretty much like Indian food. We had chicken curry, some awesome thing that had pork (Not 100% sure on this type of meat) and some yummy spices, some duck, rice and TEA! After that we went to our hotel before taking off again to go ICESKATING!!! Now I am a TERRIBLE iceskater, mostly because I’m so terrified of falling that I do take the risks it takes to get any good, however during this particular skating experience I actually took enough chances to fall down…and it wasn’t that bad. I know, who could have predicted THAT?!?  One particular story of falling is in regards to my dear friend, Christophe, who only fell once and (I must confess) it was because of me. I asked him to stop and help me and in trying to stop he went over backwards (while apologetic, I was quite amused.)

On the second day of our trip we started off with a tour of the Capital building. Now Christophe, Daniel and I went on a short side trip with our gov’t teacher to pick up some gallery passes from one of our representatives’ offices before the group actually went into the capital. After a introductory video our class  was split into 2 groups for the actual tour. My groups tour guide was a graduate of the University of Hawaii and was obviously a surfer. He had long hair in a ponytail and it almost sounded like he was on something because he was just SO chill. However he was really good at his job and was a very interesting tour guide…I think it may have been his calling in life. So after the Capital building, we walked over to Union Station for lunch. Now if you’ve been to Union Station before you may know of the amazing greek place “Acropolis” where they sell the yummiest, largest gyros (pronunciation like euro NOT Jyro…seriously people!)  I’ve ever seen. Well I had been to Union Station before so I led a few of my dear friends to the location of its awesomeness.

ok so I’m tired of trying to write this all down so from here on out I’m just going to be quick about what we did…

So after gyros we saw a gelato place and got really excited and got some, but soon discovered that it was, perhaps, the WORST gelato in the universe. Then we, as a class, visited the WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, and Roosevelt memorials. At the Roosevelt memorial we took the standard pictures of people kissing the statues and had a grouchy old couple turn us in to the park rangers in charge of the memorial. Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for our night at the dinner theater. It took us an hour and a half to cover the 30 mile trip, which just goes to show how bad traffic in DC really is. Once we reached the Lazy Susan Dinner Theater, we filled up our plates and ate, before watching the show. The show was entitled “Me and My Girl” and was like a reverse of “My Fair Lady” is was rather ridiculous andincluded a crazy amount of tap dancing and this stupid song that has been stuck in everyone’s head since “As the family solicitor, here’s my advice to you. As the family solicitor, here’s my advice to you…Jump a little and skip a little, and hop a little and drink a little, and thank your lucky stars once more for the family solicitor!” Then we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

On the third day we started off by packing up and heading over to the Mall (not a shopping mall, but the national mall) where we met with an alumnus of our school who works for the FBI. She works in recruitment so after telling us how she had ended up at the FBI she gave us all FBI stuff. After that we split into groups and headed to different museums. My group went to the Holocaust Museum. I’m not really going to talk about that experience, but I’d suggest visiting that museum at some point in your life, if not multiple times. Then we headed over to the old Post Office where we ate lunch before loading back on the bus and heading home.

Well I can’t believe it took so long for me to finish this but oh well, here you go…

Love, Mandi Jo