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Dear Friend,

When I said the list went on, I was completely serious…

“SHPIDAMAN!!!” -I’m pretty sure this started with Bryce but it spread to, well, everyone

“I’m gonna KILL that baby!” -James

“I snarled at people taking pictures during The Dream on Friday. On Saturday, Louise kept asking me to do Russian snarls backstage.” -Jack

“Peppermint Twist!” -Jack

“Did that just fall out of your pants?” “Oddly enough…yes” -Me and Angela

“…and very modest.” *laughter* “YEAUP!” -Matt (L)

“AWW isn’t that cute…” “I’d hug you too but you’re not cute enough” (Two minutes later) “I heard that!” -Matt (N) and Me

“I like to eat butter when I’m by myself” -Michael

“Should I get you some tonic?” -Ruby

“Kathleen is the more *conservative* hooker…” -Gennie

“My daughter Tzeitel is not the kind I’d sell for money!” “No that’s Shprintze” Tevye and Nick

Bryce’s miracle of miracle dance (Please just go watch the video, this is truely priceless)

the Italian Mafia

When Bryce said QUIET! really nasally every time. (??? ask Ellis)

When we would all mouth along to the whole song at the “Marriages much be arranged by the PAPA!” backstage.

The never-ending bowl of Hershey …Kisses

The first time we killed the bottle dance and we were all really excited backstage. H came over to tell us to be quiet and we were like “we just killed the bottle dance though!” and he was like “yeah, you did kill it.”
Brycebox/ Lifeboat Box
Victoria, Megan, Bryce and I hanging out behind the fake wall at the beginning of the second act
Red 5 Standing By!!!
Maybe shift
Love, Mandi Jo
P.S. Some of these I don’t understand because they are the stories of others…
P.P.S. There are still more!