Dear Friend,

Well tomorrow I leave on senior trip and I must confess, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! This may seem a little crazy, after all it’s just a school trip but I’ve been thinking about this trip for WAY too long. Senior trip isn’t just visiting our countries capital and having a learning experience that mirrors our Government class, but a time when the seniors bond and learn to get along with each other to a greater extent than they have in the past. And believe me when I say WE NEED IT! For a relatively small school you would think we’d all get along, but unlike other classes, the class of ’11 has, for some unknown reason, been rather clique-ish. We’ve had our ups and downs but for the most part we’ve struggled to work together and only truly worked well together last year in planning an amazing banquet for our schools juniors (ourselves), seniors, and some faculty (This is what our school does instead of Prom and personally I think it’s MUCH better.) Anywhoo, back to the senior class of the present day. Tomorrow, at the break of day the 50 of us will load up and head out for three days. We are asked to step out of our comfort zones and get to know new people, to”mix it up.” In fact, we don’t even know who we’ll be rooming with! We’ll eat good food (hopefully), go ice-skating, visit various historical and political buildings and museums, get dressed up for a night out at the theater and have the class picture taken in front of the capital building. Well I must be off for practice.

Love, Mandi Jo